Opus Business Consulting is an outsourced direct sales and consulting firm headquartered in Western Pennsylvania. We have additional locations in Central Florida, Greater Detroit, and Central Valley, California.
We specialize in creating professional brand representation for tech companies specializing in broadband communications, supply chain, and security. We aim to increase our client’s brands and revenue in our markets while keeping their customer base happy.

For our clients, we provide a personal touch and trackable results they can take to the bank by guaranteeing a 100% return on investment. We focus on this side of our client’s business so they can make the most of their core business.

Since entering the Pittsburgh market, we have already tripled the expectations of one of our leading clients and look forward to continuing the successful relationship. We will maintain high quality and performance for our current clients as we continue to take on new challenges.

For our people, we strive to create a team-oriented work environment; we manage that by focusing on team goals over individual quotas.  We focus on developing excellent communication and customer-facing skills as developing talent from within.  We commit to our people that if they maintain and perpetuate our core values, we will always have a spot for them and give them a chance to grow within our company. Our focus for our team is to have them develop in administrative, leadership, and management roles.

Our history and where we are headed

A message from our CEO

I have focused over ten years of my career on the development and success of my employees. This is more than a company; this is a legacy I plan to leave behind to inspire others to pursue the American Dream.