About Us

Opus Business Consulting is an outsourced direct sales and consulting firm based in western Pennsylvania, with additional locations in central Florida and Los Angeles, California. We specialize in creating a professional brand reputation for tech companies, security, and telecommunications. Our goal is to increase our clients' brands and revenue in our markets while ensuring customer satisfaction.

For Our Clients

We provide a personal touch and trackable results they can take to the bank by guaranteeing a 100% return on investment. We focus on this side of our client's business so they can make the most of their core business. 


For Our People

Our workplace is built on a foundation of teamwork, with a clear emphasis on both team objectives and individual targets. We prioritize the development of strong communication and customer-facing skills and talent. We assure our employees that as long as they uphold our core values, we will provide them with opportunities to advance within our organization. Our main focus for our team is to nurture their growth in administrative, leadership, and management positions.

Our Promise


Any market, any service, any product. We guarantee we can maintain the same standard regarldess of location. 


Almost over a decade of expereince in sales, our expertise in people is unmatched. In recent years we moved to more the creative space. 

High ROI

We do not get paid until we deliver your results. 


We work based on data, our sysems being routine still allows us to be innovative in solving your problem.

Training & Support

We put people first, we do not believe in compromising our customers to hit the bottom line.


Our managers and admins are always a call/text away. We believe in being available 24/7 with your solutions. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I have no experience?

We provide hands on training to our reps. If you are looking to expand yourself professionally, and get more sales experience please visit our Careers page. 

What ways are customers acquired?

We work with our clients to get customers face-to-face. We believe it is the secret for our clients to have high ROI. We work directly with property/HOA managers, small to medium businesses, homeowners, and event managers. We work only with leads, allowing us to hire people who will feel confident in a no-canvass position. 

How do you hire the right team?

We have a methodical minimum three round requirement for each candidate. We also ensure the right environment to focus on a positive and beneficial work environment. First step is we do not allow quotas and ensure our people feel secure in their pay and career longevity. 

Are results typical?

We promise our clients a successful relationship based on our many years of experience.

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