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Our systems may be old fashioned, but coupled with our constant innovation and use of technology, we bring a face to your customer with new school tactics. 

Our goal is to go the extra mile for our clients and create a positive environment for our people to grow.  We make the most of opportunities presented to us, as we create and foster an environment and culture that we are proud of.  We also maintain the integrity of that image as we expand.


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Here at Opus Business Consulting, we specialize in consulting for Fortune 500 companies looking for customer acquisition and retention. We progress marketing strategies and business development for the brands we represent, and do so with integrity, professionalism, and passion.

We believe in staying dedicated to representing our clients with integrity, passion, and leadership, while also better developing our team to grow and lead successful and fulfilling lives.
Our team of professionals is ready for whatever you throw at us and we are constantly brainstorming new strategies to get better results.    

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Direct Marketing

Old school tactics such as telemarketing and direct mail is out the window.  With technology, we are able to take a direct approach, face to face with your customer, to show them exactly what services you offer.

100% ROI

Want a return on your investment?  We guarantee it.  As a client, you don’t pay us until you see results.  There is no better deal than that.

Brand Recognition

Opus Business Consulting takes pride in our clients names and we ensure you are a household name…for a good reason.  We only work with Fortune 100 clients and we want to maintain the exceptional reputation that we bring you.


Everyone wants new customers.  We bring them to you!  And make them return buyers.  How?  We listen to their needs and show them the value of our services.


Bringing new customers on board is pointless if we are not retaining them.  Our team ensures your customers are satisfied and keep coming back by offering new products, promotions, and excellent customer service.

Market Expansion

We take your name into new markets across the U.S. with a fully trained staff.  What more could you want?


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He’s the head guy in charge, you’re go-to for anything, and his door is always open.


Account Representative
As a Team Lead, Rachel can be found training, coaching, and mentoring the new staff.  Joining the team?  Come and meet her!


You’ll find Marie helping with interviews, on-boarding, initial screening, and office management projects.


Account Representative
Wesley has gained valuable insight from all of his travels.  His goal is to help create an organization that is built on integrity and a passion to improve, while continuing to travel the world!


Assistant Manager
Theresa is from Bedford County…yes, where all the cows and trees are!  When you meet her, ask where she ultimately wants to wind up.  We bet you can’t guess.

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Account Representative
Write your story with Opus Business Consultants.

We are here to help with sales retention ROI