We specialize in finding people, who are passionate in helping people

We are open to interviewing but highly selective about who we hire.

  • Our Corporate Trainers make up most of the company staff. They always represent our company culture and work hard to make the newest hire feel welcome.
  • Account Managers are trained to represent our client's brand to the customers sans a sales quota. Our belief is to benefit our customers rather than sell.
  • Assistant Managers, are only promoted from within he company. They focus heavily on running the company systematically regardless of where they are located. 

Can You Imagine Working in Sales?

Its possible with our training system to train someone who will be able to exceed our client's sales goals. 

We do have some important requirements. 

  • We cannot train someone's work ethic, we only hire people who intend on putting 100% in the training.
  • Attitude is everything. We want someone who will be a benefit to us. We focus on hiring people who our team can work with, a lot of work is more team based.
  • We need someone personable, as a lot of our sales is done face to face. Even the most introverted person can still be personable, we focus on intention. 
  • Student mentality, we need someone who has a zest for knowledge. First week of training is really hands on, so we want someone who will study the material to make the proccess a breeze. 

Some of Our Open Positions:

Account Manager

Entry-Level sales

Hybrid/ In-person






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