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10 years experience with telecomunications.

When we opened in 2015, we focused on working with well-known need-based services. We focused on simplicity and hired and trained representatives to feel confident helping customers, so we needed a reputable client. 

Our first client still works with us today, and we moved from working in one location to three locations. 

Supply Chain and Solar

Working with well-known supply chain companies, we worked on doing market research to make properties and businesses more accessible for widespread two-day deliveries. We love to focus on working with companies that focus on creating a better tomorrow for future generations.

Security and Smart Home Systems

In 2019, we acquired a new client in security for homeowners. Working through the pandemic, we connected with everyday people to make their home offices work for them. Our contract helped keep employees on the payroll through 2020.

Coming Soon . . .

2025 we plan to enter medical devices into the public safety sector. Our goal is to step outside into working more internationally.

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