Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

HQWhen we first opened Opus, we started in a small office space in Pittsburgh. Since then with our clients we have opened up all of Western Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Ohio. 

Servicing the tri-state areaWe are able to hire representatives outside of Pennsylvania, and have more of a hybrid schedule. Our focus is always on growth and aquiring a new customer base for our clients. We think outside the box, and offer more opportunities for our team.

GoalOur goal is to hire and train more operation managers from our HQ. We also would like to move to more mid-market clients and learn new clientele.

Orlando, Florida

HybridOur CEO wants to continue to have a hands on approach with all of our markets. We hire and train candidates virtually, but we maintain the same organization as being in office.

Greater OrlandoOur physical office location is in the heart of Orlando, however, we service customers in Winter Garden, Apopka, Pine Hills, Kissimmee, and Alfaya.

GoalOur goal is to make Orlando as successful as our HQ. We are fortunate to count on our team to be able to provide the leadership even the newest employee can benefit from. 

Los Angeles, California

HybridSimilar to our Florida office, we have a hybrid style for our team. Our CEO still manages all the markets personally. He even travels and trains the team himself.

GoalLos Angeles is a great city, and we are just stepping in and seeing what we can grow for our clients. We are excited on this start-up market, but with seasoned managment and an undeniable structure that is like clockwork.

Frequently asked questions

Wondering how we function in so many markets?

Is it still the same company, even though its a different city?Yes! Opus Business Consulting is incorparted in these states as our business name!

Why is the address in Pittsburgh?Simply, it is our headquarters where we Opus was established. We have a physical office space.

What if my product/service is only available in a different location?We are flexible, depending on your circumstances you can reach out and set an appointment with us. 

What are your future plans?We truly believe the sky is the limit, we are looking more towards international clients.